With our partner in Germany, we provide consulting and planning services for technical equipment and buildings.

>Sustainable planning forms the central motto of our activities. This applies 
to the conceptual design of plants with maximum energy efficiency and sparing 
of resources as well as to our data management. 

>Within the scope of our portfolio, we master all IT processes from project development to planning and realization, down to documentation and operation. In addition to our broad portfolio and management competence, this forms the driver for our development and success.

>They strives for the method leadership in its sector regarding digital plant construction as a component of digital factories (building). 
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Automotive Industry, Industry, Data Center 

Energy Center, Office Building

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The successful realization of a business, 
production or product idea with investment measures requires:
>Reliable decision basis
>Optimum process organization
>Cost management and cost reliability
>Transparency and cost minimization for ongoing operation
>Reliable dates and implementation organization

We understands itself as a temporary partner for its customers' projects. We supplement our core competencies by:
>Technology competence of production processes from selected sectors
>Project management competence with focus on controlling external/internal partners
>Decision transparency in terms of quality, costs and dates
>Method competence, particularly regarding the organization and application of EDP 
>Supported tools for planning and operation (digital factory)
>Planning from the master plan to the revision plan
>Quality control right through to realization
>Acceptance, validation and commissioning management